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Painting and Decorating

Our experienced decorators can take care of any decorating jobs you have. We take care to ensure your flooring and belongings are covered, we can collect the paint (we have accounts with Brewers and Johnstones), and we can advise you on paint finishes and types and can undertake any repairs necessary. 

  • Interior decoration

  • Multiple rooms or entire house

  • Single rooms

  • Feature walls

  • Walls only

  • Wallpaper removal

  • Minor repairs and touch ups

  • Exterior

  • Outside walls and woodwork


Occasionally walls may need plastering especially if wallpaper has been removed, if this is the case we have great plasterers.

  • click to see projects we have done

Click icon to some of our projects  

  • Plaster wall

  • Patch plaster small area

  • Plaster room

  • Plaster house

  • Render exterior walls

  • Render sections of wall


Tiles are a decorative finish, and whether it is a small or large area, floor or wall, we can tile it for you.

  • Tile small area

  • Tile kitchen splashback

  • Tile bathroom

  • Tile floor

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